Ad-Sol Nissin was established in March 1976 as an independent system development company with strengths in the electric power field
Since our founding, we have developed, commercialized, and sold information systems and solutions for many companies and the public sector, focusing on social infrastructure systems. Over the years, we have built up expertise in responding to the unique business needs of a variety of clients, and have successively provided solutions centered on our distinctive technologies.
In particular, we have built our business foundations as an ICT company involved in constructing numerous social infrastructure systems in areas such as energy (electricity and gas), automobiles, roads, railways, aviation, space, information and communications, disaster prevention, and medical care.

Business Overview

From social infrastructure to cutting-edge manufacturing: Ad-Sol Nissin creates a better society and future.

In a wide range of fields, including energy (electricity and gas), automobiles, roads, railways, aviation and space, public works and disaster prevention, information and communications, factories, and medical care, we provide advanced ICT solutions with the keywords security, safety, comfort, and environment.
We contribute to the development of an affluent society.

Business Development

Since our establishment in 1976, we have continued to expand and deepen our business domain based on the strengths; namely, advanced technology and reliable quality.

It will soon be 50 years since we started our business with the development of control systems for electric power grids.
With our strengths that lie in our advanced technological prowess that utilizes our cutting-edge technologies and high-quality system development capabilities, we have earned the trust of our clients in numerous large-scale projects and are expanding our business domain.

Business Characteristics

We provide consistent one-stop solutions, from consulting to maintenance, that match our clients' business characteristics and information system life cycle, based on the distinctive technologies that have been built up by our two businesses, Social Infrastructure and Advanced Industry.
These two businesses have united and collaborated to provide technology and services, as well as products and solutions, to leading Japanese manufacturers, system integration companies, and end users.
Furthermore, as a comprehensive engineering company that covers everything from device control (including sensing and OSes) to networks, large-scale infrastructure, and cloud systems, we provide a one-stop service across the entire range of our services.

Social Infrastructure Business

We provide system integration services in the area of infrastructure that supports our daily lives, or "social infrastructure."

Social infrastructure is vital to our lifestyles.
With an eye to energy (electricity and gas), transportation, public works, and communications and networks Ad-Sol Nissin is working on cutting-edge themes such the following: the development of ICT systems that form the foundation of social infrastructure; next-generation energy systems that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society; next-generation communications; and the utilization of space and satellite data.

Advanced Industry Business

To strengthen Japanese manufacturing and make it more advanced, we will realize DX and IoT by making full use of cutting-edge technologies.

We provide advanced ICT systems and services that are closely linked to daily life for industries that will lead the next generation, such as next-generation automobiles, medical and healthcare, payments, and smart factories, thereby contributing to the realization of smart infrastructure and smart lifestyles, and of smart cities further in the future.

Solutions Business

We provide strong support for the realization of digital innovation by combining solutions utilizing cartographic and spatial information with cutting-edge IoT security technologies.

As a DX Solution Partner, we provide one-stop solutions ranging from visualization and analysis using GIS (geographic information system) and IoT spatial information using wireless and sensing technologies, to security to support the above technologies.

Global expansion

We are working to create high-quality services and cutting-edge technology that will lead the DX/digital era.

Research and Development

We contribute to the development of a sustainable society by providing high value-added ICT systems based on our proprietary research and development.

With the aim of contributing to the development of a sustainable and prosperous society through joint research with universities and research institutions in Japan and abroad, collaboration with cutting-edge companies, and activities at the AI Research Institute and the Ad-Sol Nissin San Jose R&D Center in the U.S. (a wholly owned subsidiary), we are working to create, strengthen and expand our innovative key technologies using DX, AI, IoT, security and other cutting-edge technologies.

San Jose R&D Center

Promoting cutting-edge R&D in Silicon Valley.

At Ad-Sol Nissin San Jose R&D Center (a wholly owned subsidiary), our employees and U.S. engineers work together to promote the research and investigation of the latest technologies.

Global HQ for IoT Security

In collaboration with Lynx Software Technologies, with whom we have been working together for more than 30 years, we focus on the research and development of cutting-edge IoT security solutions and on strengthening our technical capabilities. We are providing full deployment support to manufacturers and infrastructure companies in Japan.

AI Research Institute

The AI Research Institute, which leads our DX business through AI technology, is focusing on research on advanced AI technology, the construction of AI systems, and the development of AI engineers in order to contribute to our clients' DX and business transformation.
As for cutting-edge AI research activities, we are participating in an AI quality improvement project by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. In addition, we have started joint research with the University of Tokyo related to the utilization of space/satellite data for the purpose of developing space IT personnel and space innovation. As part of this, we are fully supporting based on the latest research results the university's new course in the AI/IoT field that was launched in 2022, namely "Practical Space Data Utilization."

Industry-Academia Collaboration

We are working on the creation of innovation and new key technologies through industry-academia collaboration and joint research.

The University of Tokyo

corp-logo-tokyo-en.jpgInitiatives for Space and Satellite Data Utilization, Space and IT Human Resource Development

We are promoting joint research with the Nakasuka-Funase Laboratory, which is part of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics of the University of Tokyo, on the theme of "economic growth and innovation driven by space."
With the key concept, "creating the future by combining space, IT and problem solving," we are conducting the following research:
1) Research on solving social problems by utilizing space and satellite data,
2) Research on human resource development in the combined fields of space and IT.
In addition to the above, we are fully cooperating in the fields of AI and IoT in the Practical Space Data Application course, which was newly launched at the University of Tokyo in 2022.

Waseda University/Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

corp-logo-waseda-en.jpgEMS and International Standardization Initiatives

The Advanced Grid Technology Laboratory of Waseda University (Director: Professor Yasuhiro Hayashi, Faculty of Science and Engineering) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) have established the Shinjuku Demonstration Center (EMS) at Waseda University, where industry, government and academia are conducting research to develop demand response technology based on standard communication standards.
Twenty-six companies, including housing manufacturers, energy companies, and electrical appliance manufacturers, are participating in the development of technology for real-time control of electricity peak shifting/peak cutting in smart houses and buildings, etc., that will integrate with smart meters.

Keio University

corp-logo-keio-en.jpgFusion of GIS and AI/IoT

We are conducting joint research with the Yan Laboratory of Keio Research Institute at SFC on the fusion of digital data and information space on GIS by utilizing IT and environmental data.
Joint development of Touchable Map, AR-Sandbox (3D model of topography and structures).
We are working on the following research projects:
- Real-time measurement of data in line with changes in topography and structures
- Projection mapping of predicted changes using big data and AI
- 3D visualization using 3D printers

Ritsumeikan University

corp-logo-ritsumeikan-en.jpgIoT Security/OS for Next Generation IoT Devices

In 2019, we concluded an industry-university collaboration agreement focusing on the field of IoT security.
We are working on joint research and human resource development that is centered on the IoT Security Research Center.
The IoT Security Research Consortium, which we jointly established, promotes human resource development, technological research, and the formulation of security guidelines.
We are also conducting joint research to realize more efficient CPUs installed in IoT devices such as automobiles and factory automation equipment.

Da Nang University in Vietnam of Smart University

In 2023, we signed an industry-academia collaboration agreement (MOU) and a joint research agreement (MOA) on the theme of "Realization of Smart University".
In addition to conducting joint research on the integration of metaverse and educational systems, we will promote initiatives such as internship programs, symposiums, and workshops for fostering advanced IT personnel.
As an educational system, we utilize StudyArts, a proprietary educational solution of the Adsol Nissin Group.

Our Strengths in Support of High-Quality ICT Services


One out of every four of our engineers have a PMP qualification

Thorough project management

We provide high quality ICT systems for agile and low-code development through in-depth review and information sharing at each step of the project process.

Multi-site, distributed, and simultaneous development

We realize problem-free overseas offshore development with our unique platform that enables multi-site and simultaneous development.

Human Resource Development

Each employee holds at least 5 certifications

Generous investment in human capital and development

Based on the recognition that "human resources are our most important assets," we focus on human resource development. One out of four of our engineers has obtained PMP certification, and we have established a culture of enthusiasm for acquiring skills. By sharpening our skills on a daily basis, we contribute to the development, proposal, and provision of high-quality ICT systems.


23 patents (as of November, 2023)

Promoting patenting of proprietary technologies-IoT spatial information, map information, and security-

In order to strengthen and expand our competitive advantage through the creation of new key technologies, we are actively working on intellectual property relating to our proprietary technologies, including new technologies acquired through research and development activities and our accumulated know-how.


A technology that eliminates security risks that occur during the short period of time between when a terminal device (e.g., PC) connects to the Internet and when it connects to a high-security network.

Patent No.: 7146124
Registration Date: September 22, 2022


We are committed to co-creating future value through innovation to realize a sustainable society and enhance our corporate value.