Investor Relations


About the use of IR information

The IR information posted to our website is provided as information related to Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation (hereinafter, Company) financial status, management indicators, etc., but does not represent any assertion or guarantee related to said matters.
Furthermore, our posting of information to this website does not constitute any manner of investment solicitation.
When making actual investments, we ask that you refrain from using information on this website as the sole basis for investment decisions, and that any decisions related to investments be made based on your own determinations.

About posted information

We pay careful attention to the information we post to our website but we shall bear no liability whatsoever, regardless of the reason, in the event of any mistakes in posted information or any damages incurred due to third-party data modification or data downloads.

About future forecasts

Some of the information posted to this website contains statements about future earnings. Such statements do not guarantee future performance and do contain risks and uncertainties.
Do note that future performance may differ from actual results due to changes in our environment.

About website operation

The operation of this website may be suspended, terminated, or details may be revised without prior warning.
Furthermore, you may not be able to use this website properly depending on your communications environment, the condition of your computer, or due to other reasons.
Please note that the Company shall bear no liability whatsoever concerning any trouble, losses, or damage incurred as a result of the use of this website.