Basic approach


Investor Relations

Basic approach

This page indicates our basic approach to our stock.

Basic approach to profit distribution

Part of our corporate philosophy is to pursue corporate growth, employee happiness, and shareholder profits. As such, we position profit returns to shareholders as one of our priority management issues.
Accordingly, our approach to profit distribution is to strive for an appropriate balance between aggressive investments that enable sustainable and stable growth and internal reserves that contribute to the stability of our financial structure, and profit returns to shareholders.

Our basic policy on profit returns is to strive for a dividend payout ratio of 35% or higher and to implement annual dividend plans twice per year. Decisions on profit returns are based on issuing stable and sustainable dividends while also ensuring profit distribution is backed by earnings.

Approach to reduction in investment unit

We position the expansion of our shareholder audience and increasing the fluidity of our stock as important issues related to our capital strategy.
As such, depending on future trends in our stock price and stock fluidity, we may conduct stock splits or reduce the transaction unit in order to reduce the investment unit for our stock to a level below 500,000 yen.