Disclosure policy


Investor Relations

Disclosure policy

Our disclosure policy is as follows.

1. Basic policy

Our basic policy on disclosure is to engage in the timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information necessary for investors and other stakeholders to make accurate decisions concerning investment value as it relates to our company.
We also work to ensure that disclosed information is easily comprehensible for general investors, and that we provide rapid and sufficient explanations of information.

2. Information disclosure standards

In addition to timely disclosure as mandated by law and the rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we also work to enhance our website and provide rapid and highly comprehensible information disclosure to the extent possible for matters not subject to disclosure under the timely disclosure program.

3. Information disclosure methods

We conduct information disclosure via TDnet (TSE website), and then later post disclosed information to our website.

4. Silent period

We designate our silent period as the period between the day after the quarterly and full-year accounting date until the earnings announcement date.
During this period, we refrain from making any comments or responding to any questions concerning accounting.

5. Disclaimer

Some of disclosed information contains statements about future earnings. Such statements do not guarantee future performance and do contain risks and uncertainties.
Do note that future performance may differ from actual results due to changes in our environment.