CEO: Tomizo Ueda, COO: Toshiaki Shinozaki Chairman and CEO Tomizo Ueda
President and COO Toshiaki Shinozaki

Since our founding in 1976, Ad-Sol Nissin has engaged in business activities based on the corporate philosophy of contributing to customer satisfaction and the development of a prosperous society by creating and providing high value-added services.

Today, we respond to the diversifying needs of customers, including DX and digitalization, by creating new solutions and the co-creation of new value, particularly in the field of system integration services.

We are highly praised for the technical skills, management capabilities, and our service quality, rated by our stakeholders as being among the best in the industry, that we have cultivated since our origins in electric system controllers.

In 2023, we started our new three-year Medium-Term Management Plan.

In 2026, the final fiscal year of this plan, we will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding.

We are preparing to a new step forward towards our next half-century.

Moving forward, every officer and employee at Ad-Sol Nissin will unite towards achieving business growth and expansion. At the same time, we will also promote environmental, social, and corporate governance initiatives as we work to improve our medium- and long-term corporate value.

We ask for your continued understanding and support.

Tomizo Ueda
Chairman and CEO Tomizo Ueda
Tomizo Ueda
President and COO Toshiaki Shinozaki